Coach Altman will not meet Duck expectations.

As Dana Altman settles into his role as men’s basketball coach at the University of Oregon, I wonder if he or the university knows how high the bar has been raised.  The bar of fictitious expectations that is. It’s hard to believe that his resume looks a little empty when compared to ex-Duck coach Ernie Kent.  Can he recruit the players Kent has?  Will he reach more then 2 Elite Eight’s in the next 10 years? Does he have any loyalty to Eugene and University of Oregon like Kent?  Will he graduate players at the same rate as Kent?  Although Kent’s coaching and player development were becoming stale to the community, indeed so was Altman’s at Creighton.

True, the Pac-10 is not the conference and class of the NCAA as in the past when UCLA, and Arizona were mainstays in the top 10.  The Pac-10 is wide-open next year, due to underclassmen declaring for the NBA and a lack of stability among Pac-10 coaching jobs.  We wish Altman the best of luck, but much like Barack Obama this is a situation he can’t win.  The pressure of a new arena, Nike, and a fan base with unrealistic expectations will leave his time of opportunity as the Duck coach to a few short years.

Ernie Kent (1997-2010). 1 Pac-10 Conference Championships. 2 Pac-10 Tournament Championships. Record at Oregon: 235-174. 5 NCAA Tournament Appearances.  4 NBA Players drafted in the 1st round: Aaron Brooks, Luke Ridnour, Freddie Jones, Luke Jackson.

Dana Altman (1994-2010). 6 MVC Tournament Championships. 3 MVC Conference Championships. Record at Creighton: 327-176. 8 NCAA Tournament Appearances. Notable NBA Players include Anthony Tolliver, Kyle Korver, and Rodney Buford.


~ by philip d. on April 27, 2010.

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