Juwan Howard & Grant Hill. 16 years later.

When the NBA playoffs began, nobody realized that Grant Hill and Juwan Howard have been intertwined for nearly 20 years of collegiate and professional basketball.  Both players have faced injuries, adversity, and simply growing old.

In the early 90’s, Howard and his fellow freshman of the Fab 5, introduced my generation to black socks, baggy shorts, and a sense of confidence never seen before in such young men.  Hill, helped Duke continue their ascention onto the NCAA scene along with Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Coach K.

The 1994 NBA draft was a balancing combination of short careers, professionals, and draft busts.  Jason Kidd, Howard, and Hill are certainly the crop of the class. While Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson, Eric Montross, and Donyell Marshall never quite lived up to expectations.

So as you sit and watch game 6 in Portland between the Suns and Blazers, try and take a moment to remember these 2 quality personalities fighting it out nearly 20 years ago.

Pick↓ Player↓ Nationality↓ NBA Team↓ School/Club Team↓
1 Glenn Robinson+(SF) United States Milwaukee Bucks Purdue University (Jr.)
2 Jason Kidd* (PG) United States Dallas Mavericks California So.
3 Grant Hill* (SF) United States Detroit Pistons Duke Sr.
4 Donyell Marshall(SF) United States Minnesota Timberwolves Connecticut Jr.
5 Juwan Howard* (PF) United States Washington Bullets Michigan Jr.
6 Sharone Wright(PF/C) United States Philadelphia 76ers Clemson Jr.
7 Lamond Murray(SF) United States Los Angeles Clippers California Jr.
8 Brian Grant (PF) United States Sacramento Kings Xavier Sr.
9 Eric Montross (C) United States Boston Celtics North Carolina Sr.
10 Eddie Jones* (SG) United States Los Angeles Lakers Temple Sr.
11 Carlos Rogers (SF) United States Seattle SuperSonics (from Charlotte) Tennessee State Sr.
12 Khalid Reeves (PG) United States Miami Heat Arizona Sr.
13 Jalen Rose (G/F) United States Denver Nuggets Michigan Jr.
14 Yinka Dare (C) Nigeria New Jersey Nets George Washington So.
15 Eric Piatkowski(SG) United States Indiana Pacers Nebraska Sr.
16 Clifford Rozier (PF) United States Golden State Warriors (fromCleveland) Louisville Jr.
17 Aaron McKie (SG) United States Portland Trail Blazers Temple Sr.
18 Eric Mobley (PF) United States Milwaukee Bucks (from Orlando) Pittsburgh Sr.
19 Tony Dumas (SG) United States Dallas Mavericks (from Golden State) Missouri-Kansas City Sr.
20 B.J. Tyler (PG) United States Philadelphia 76ers (from Utah) Texas Sr.
21 Dickey Simpkins(PF) United States Chicago Bulls Providence Sr.
22 Bill Curley (PF) United States San Antonio Spurs Boston College Sr.
23 Wesley Person(SG) United States Phoenix Suns Auburn Sr.
24 Monty Williams(SF) United States New York Knicks Notre Dame Sr.
25 Greg Minor (SG) United States Los Angeles Clippers (from Atlanta) Louisville Sr.
26 Charlie Ward (PG) United States New York Knicks (from Houston viaAtlanta) Florida State Sr.
27 Brooks Thompson(PG) United States Orlando Magic (from Seattle via L.A. Clippers) Oklahoma State Sr.

~ by philip d. on April 27, 2010.

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