Pac-10 Expansion: Would relegation work?

With all the talk surrounding expansion in the Pac-10, I asked myself if relegation would work?  Adding 6-12 teams from the Mountain West, WAC, and other leagues would “water” down the talent of the conference.  Relegation would provide the best teams to compete every year in a BCS conference.  The second division would provide incentive for teams to progress to and get better while still remaining competitive.  2 openings in the Pac-12 would come open for each athletic sport every year. The Pac-12 would be a BCS conference and second division would not.  Below is an example:

Pac-12: Arizona, Arizona State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington State, Utah, Colorado. (Bottom 2 would change depending on standings).

Pac-10 (Subdivision): Boise State, BYU, UNLV, San Diego State, Fresno State, Colorado State, Nevada, Air Force, Wyoming, Hawaii.

Other possible universities include the New Mexico schools, San Jose State and other west coast universities.  This provide top-level competition in the Pac-12, a championship game for football, and eliminate schools like Washington State from being in the conference basement for a continued period of time. Scheduling would be difficult, but rivalries could be sustained by using a team non-conference scheduled games.


~ by philip d. on April 27, 2010.

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