Breaking down 5 Star Defensive Tackles 2002-2010

Every year the emphasis on recruiting  five star players makes headlines and gives football fans a false since of hope and expectations.  From 2002 until 2010, both Scout and Rivals have agreed on 21  five star prep defensive tackles according to their research and player evaluations.  Scout has been “star happy” since 2002 in praising 43 prep defensive tackles as five star recruits.  Rivals only handed out 22 five star ratings to defensive tackles in there annual rankings. This year a pair of Florida Gators, Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley were given the dubious honor. Looking at history, Florida hasn’t had much luck with five star defensive tackles since 2002. Now it is time to evaluate the recruiting rankings and ask the question, are five star defensive tackles worth the expectations?  Only players given five stars from both Scout and Rivals were considered.

2002 – Haloti Ngata (Oregon), Rodrique Wright (Texas)

2003– Nate Robinson (Rutgers)

2004 – DeMario Pressley (North Carolina State), Frank Okam (Texas)

2005– DeMarcus Granger (Oklahoma), Callahan Bright (Florida State), Jerrell Powe (Mississippi)

2006 – Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma), Al Woods (LSU)

2007 – Marvin Austin (North Carolina), Torrey Davis (Florida)

2008 – Marcus Forston (Miami), Omar Hunter (Florida)

2009 – Jacobbi McDaniel (Florida State), Gary Brown (Florida), Sheldon Richardson (Missouri), William Campbell (Michigan), Chris Davenport (LSU)

2010 – Sharrif Floyd (Florida), Dominque Easley (Florida)

Most 5-Star Recruits by School – Florida (5), Texas (2), LSU (2), Oklahoma (2), Florida State (2).

Top 5 of the 5 Stars (Lived up to the hype)

1. Haloti Ngata – Ngata is the only player on this list become an NFL All-Pro defensive tackle.  In 3 years with the Ducks, Ngata recorded 151 tackles, 10 sacks and an impressive 7 blocked kicks.  Ngata was selected with the 12th pick of the 2006 NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

2. Rodrique Wright – When purely looking at statistics, Wright is the class of five star defensive tackles since 2002.  Wright was drafted in the 7th round of the 2006 NFL draft after a solid four year career at Texas.  In his time with the Longhorns, Wright racked up 227 tackles, 17.5 sacks and 41 tackles for loss. Member of the 2005 BCS champion Texas team.

3. Marvin Austin – The 2011 senior has recorded 103 tackles and 9 sacks in his first three collegiate years.  Austin has the potential to quickly move up this list and will be a highly regarded NFL prospect in 2011.

4. Gerald McCoy – The 3rd pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010, McCoy notched an impressive 14 sacks and 77 tackles during his Sooner career. He will move up this list, depending on his professional career.

5. Frank Okam – A 5th round draft pick of the Houston Texans in 2008. Okam paced the Longhorns with 111 tackles and 9 sacks during his collegiate career.

Bottom 5 of the 5 Stars (Should have been 1 star)

1. Callahan Bright – Bright committed to the Seminoles in 2005, and never managed to find his way on to the field.  His career included jail time, maturation issues, and a short stint at Shaw University before attempting to sign on as a NFL free agent in 2010.

2. Torrey Davis – After two seasons at Florida, Davis transfered to Jacksonville State to finish his collegiate career.  Recorded 31 tackles and 4.5 sacks in his time with the two schools.

3. Jerrell Powe – Powe is currently a junior at Ole Miss after signing with the Rebels in 2005.  Eligibility issues has slowed the progression of Powe, but with a steady 2010 season he could become a high draft pick in 2011.

4. Gary Brown – After spending time on the scout team in 2009, Brown was dismissed from the Gators in 2010.

5. Nate Robinson – After two years at Rutgers, Robinson spent his final two years at Akron.  Robinson recorded 49 tackles, and 3 sacks for the Zips.

Different Opinions (Defensive tackles who received 1 five star ranking)

1. Glenn Dorsey, LSU – Scout saw more in Dorsey as a prep then Rivals by branding him with five stars in 2004. Dorsey was selected with the 5th pick of the 2008 NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. At LSU, Dorsey recorded 15 sacks and 179 tackles.

2. Brian Price, UCLA – In Los Angeles, Price paced the Bruins with 12 sacks and 92 tackles.  2009 Pac-10 defensive player of the year and a 2nd round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles.

5* Defensive Tackles Collegiate Statistics (2002-2010).

1. Rodrique Wright, Texas (2002). 227 tackles, 17.5 sacks, 41 tfl

2. Haloti Ngata, Oregon (2002). 151 tackles, 10 sacks, 24.5 tfl

3. Frank Okam, Texas (2004). 111 tackles, 9 sacks

4. DeMario Pressley, North Carolina St. (2004). 111 tackles, 4 sacks

5. Marvin Austin, North Carolina (2007). 103 tackles, 9 sacks

6. Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma (2006). 77 tackles, 14 sacks

7. DeMarcus Granger, Oklahoma (2005). 75 tackles, 3 sacks.

8. Al Woods, LSU (2006). 73 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 8 tfl

9. Nate Robinson, Rutgers/Akron (2003). 70 tackles, 5 sacks, 13 tfl

10. Jerrell Powe, Mississippi (2005). 41 tackles, 3 sacks

11. Torrey Davis, Florida/Jax St  (2007). 31 tackles, 4.5 sacks

12. Jacobbi McDaniel, Florida St. (2009). 25 tackles, 1 sack

13. Marcus Forston, Miami (2008). 18 tackles, 3 sacks, 4.5 tfl

14. Omar Hunter, Florida (2008). 15 tackles, 0 sacks

15. William Campbell, Michigan (2009). No stats

15. Chris Davenport, LSU (2009). No stats

15. Sheldon Richardson, Junior College.

15. Gary Brown, dismissed from Florida

15. Callahan Bright, no stats

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