Who is Ronnie Lott? Is this a joke?

Just a short few weeks ago, I stood in line at a convenience store picking up a few cerveza’s for the evening.  In front of me stood two young males between the ages of 17 and 19.  One was wearing a San Francisco 49er #52 Patrick Willis jersey in which he claimed to the cashier, “The best linebacker in the NFL, and I am the biggest 49er fan around!”   The cashier, an avid football fan and probably a good 15 years older than his customer began to ask the young man questions about his favorite team.

To his credit, the young man answered a few questions correctly.  The Teen Jeopardy questions about stars such as Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice.  The cashier then looked at the young man and asked,“the hardest, meanest safety of all time helped your 49ers win four Super Bowls and wore #42, who is he?”  Puzzled, the self-proclaimed hugest 49er fan ever looked around and replied “I have no idea”  At this point, I had to barge in from behind. I quickly answered “Ronnie Lott,  he cut off a finger to continue playing during the 1985 season” Surprised to hear me cut in, the teenager in front of me replied “who?”

The young men then checked out and went on their way.  The cashier and I traded NFL trivia questions for the next few minutes and I went on my way perplexed of how  little the new generation of NFL fans know about their “favorite” teams.  Below is a video that provides a little taste of Ronnie Lott and the attitude and toughness he brought to the safety position.  I would be very surprised to see Patrick Willis sacrifice a finger for his team.


~ by philip d. on May 9, 2010.

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