World Series Titles: Franchises Still Waiting.

The 2010 baseball season is nearly a quarter complete, and there is still eight major league franchises without a World Series title.  These eight teams have a combined overall record of 18,351-20,220, with 27 division titles, 7 wild cards playoff births, and 6 World Series appearances.  Tampa Bay, Houston, San Diego, Milwaukee, and Colorado went a combined 8-24 in the World Series.  The Texas Rangers haven’t made a World Series appearance since they were established in Washington D.C. nearly 49 years ago.  Which of these teams will be the next to win a World Series title and throw away this dubious honor?

Texas Rangers (1972 – present), Washington Senators (1961 – 1971)All-time Record: 3677-4152.  AL Division Titles: 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999.  AL Wild Cards: 0. AL Pennants: 0. Years without a World Series titles – 49. The Texas Rangers have been blessed with great hitters such as Alex Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Marlon Byrd, Mark Texiera, Julio France among countless others.  The talented pictures to play in Texas is limited and only Nolan Ryan, Goose Gossage, Gaylord Perry, and Kenny Rogers really made any noise. Retired Players Numbers: #34 Nolan Ryan, #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: 0. MVP Winners: Jeff Burroughs (1974), Juan Gonzalez (1996, 1998), Ivan Rodriguez (1999), Alex Rodriguez (2003).

Hall of Fame players to play for Texas: Nolan Ryan, Goose Gossage, Gaylord Perry

Houston Astros (1965-present), Houston Colt .45’s (1962-1964) All-time Record: 3825-3859. NL Division Titles: 1980, 1981, 1986, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001. NL Wild Cards: 2004, 2005. NL Pennants: 2005. World Series Appearances (1) – 2005, Lost to the Chicago White Sox in 4 games. Years without a World Series titles – 48.  The Houston Astros have made nine postseason appearances and finally made it to the World Series in 2005 against the Chicago White Sox.  Talented personalities such as Jose Cruz, Jimmy Wynn, Lance Berkman, Eddie Mathews, Joe Morgan, Carlos Lee and the “Killer B’s” of Jeff Bagwell, and Craig Biggio have filled Houston statistics.  Notable pitchers include Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Mike Scott, Joe Niekro, Roy Oswalt, Larry Dierker, Mike Hampton and Andy Petite. Retired Player Numbers: #5 Jeff Bagwell, #7 Craig Biggio, #24 Jimmy Wynn, #25 Jose Cruz, #32 Jim Umbricht, #33 Mike Scott, #34 Nolan Ryan, #40 Don Wilson, #42 Jackie Robinson, #49 Larry Dierker. Cy Young Winners: Mike Scott (1986), Roger Clemens (2004).  MVP Winners: Jeff Bagwell (1994)

Hall of Fame players to play for Houston: Nolan Ryan, Don Sutton, Joe Morgan, Nellie Fox, Eddie Mathews, Robin Roberts.

Washington Nationals (2005 – present), Montreal Expos (1969 – 2004). All-time Record: 3118-3427.  NL Division Titles: 1981, 1984.  NL Wild Cards: 0. NL     Pennants: 0. Years without a World Series titles – 41. In Montreal, the Expos were always the overachieving forgotten Canadian squad.  In the nations capitol, the teams expectations and perfermance has not changed.  Franchise rosters have included stars such as Vladimir Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, Moises Alou, Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Tony Perez, Tim Raines, and Ryan Zimmerman.  Notable former pitchers include Pedro Martinez, Dennis Martinez, Livan Hernandez and Steve Rogers. Retired Players Numbers: #8 Gary Carter, #10 Andre Dawson, #10 Rusty Staub, #30 Tim Raines, #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: Pedro Martinez (1997). MVP Winners: 0

Hall of Fames players to play for Washington: Gary Carter, Tony Perez.

Milwaukee Brewers (1970 -present), Seattle Pilots (1969 – 1970). All-time Record: 3104-3442. AL/NL Division Titles: 1981, 1982. NL Wild Cards: 2008. AL Pennants: 1982. World Series Appearances (1) – 1982, lost to St. Louis in 7 games. Years without a World Series title – 41. Along with Tampa Bay and Colorado, the Brewers have the best chance to make a run in the post-season in the near future.  Past Brewer greats include Cecil Cooper, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers, Richie Sexson, and the former “Home Run King” Hank Aaron.  The past decade has provided Richie Weeks, JJ Hardy, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart and former Padre, Trevor Hoffman. Retired Player Numbers: #4 Paul Molitor, #19 Robin Yount, #34 Rollie Fingers, #42 Jackie Robinson, #44 Hank Aaron. Cy Young Winners: Rollie Fingers (1981), Pete Vuckovich (1982). MVP Winners: Rollie Fingers (1981), Robin Yount (1982, 1989).

Hall of Fame players to play for Milwaukee: Robin Yount, Hank Aaron, Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers

San Diego Padres (1969 – present). All-time Record: 3030-3523.  NL Division Titles: 1984, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2006. NL Wild Cards: 0. NL Pennants: 1984, 1998. World Series Appearances (2).  1984, lost to Detroit in 5 games. 1998, lost to the New York Yankess in 4 games. Years without a World Series titles – 41. San Diego has made the most of there five playoff seasons with two National League pennants. The Padres compile a long list of talented players historically with the likes of Tony Gwynn, Roberto Alomar, Ozzie Smith, Steve Garvey, Joe Carter, Dave Winfield, Willie McCovey, Ken Caminiti, Ricky Henderson, Steve Finley, Graig Nettles, Brian Giles, Adrian Gonzalez and Gary Templeton.  Closer Trevor Hoffman leads a pitching list including Eric Show, Gaylord Perry, Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Rollie Fingers, Mark Davis, and Randy Jones. Retired Player Numbers: #6 Steve Garvey, #19 Tony Gwynn, #31 Dave Winfield, #35 Randy Jones, #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: Randy Jones (1976), Gaylord Perry (1978), Mark Davis (1989), Jake Peavy (2007). MVP Winners: Ken Caminiti (1996).

Hall of Fames players to play for San Diego: Willie McCovey, Dave Winfield, Rollie Fingers, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Goose Gossage, Gaylord Perry

Seattle Mariners (1977-present). All-time Record: 2475-2785. AL Division Titles: 1995, 1997, 2001. AL Wild Cards: 2000. AL Pennants: 0. Years without a World Series title – 33. Along with Texas and Washington, the Mariners could be viewed as the most unsuccessful franchises in baseball history.  Seattle made there first playoff appearance in 1995 after waiting 18 years.  Mariners rosters have included future Hall of Famers such as Randy Johnson, Ichiro Suzuki, and Ken Griffey Jr.  Notable Seattle talents include Jay Buhner, Harold Reynolds, Omar Vizquel, Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez, and current pitchers Cliff Lee, and Felix Hernandez. Retired Player Numbers: #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: Randy Johnson (1999). MVP Winners: Ken Griffey Jr. (1997), Ichiro Suzuki (2001).

Hall of Fame players to play for Seattle: Goose Gossage, Gaylord Perry

Colorado Rockies (1993 – Present). All-time Record: 1300-1429. NL Division Titles:0. NL Wild Cards: 1995, 2007, 2009. NL Pennants: 2007. World Series Appearances (1) – 2007, lost to Boston in 4 games. Years without a World Series title – 17. With a short history and a loyal fan base, the Rockies are poised to continue their recent success.  Past Colorado players include Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, Andres Gallaraga, Vinny Castilla, Ellis Burks, Mike Hampton and Daryl Kile. The past decade has provided talents such as Todd Helton, Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, Garrett Atkins, and pitcher Ubado Jimenez. Retired Player Numbers: #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: 0. MVP Winners: Larry Walker (1997).

Hall of Fames players to play for Colorado: 0

Tampa Bay Rays (2008 -present), Tampa Bay Devils Rays (1998-2007). All-time Record: 852-1126.  AL Division Titles: 2008. AL Wild Cards: 0. AL Pennants: 2008   World Series Appearances (1) – 2008, lost to Philadelphia in 4 games. Years without a World Seres title – 12. Tampa Bay posted the first winning season in the franchises history in 2008, when the talented roster finally began to prove it’s worth.  Players such as Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff, and Randy Winn paved the way for notable talents Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, David Price, Scott Kazmir, Aubrey Huff, James Shields, Carlos Pena, and BJ Upton.  Retired Player Numbers: #12 Wade Boggs, #42 Jackie Robinson. Cy Young Winners: 0. MVP Winners: 0.

Hall of Fame Players to play for Tampa Bay: Wade Boggs

Overall Records through May 16, 2010.


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