Take the NBA outside

As a casual NBA fan, I will not watch a game until the playoffs begin. The lack of defense, effort, and selfish play does not get me excited.  A major criticism of the league is the lack of entertainment and buzz surrounding the regular season. The Los Angeles Lakers play inside the comfort of the Staples Center while just outside the arena is sunshine and warmth.

Commissioner David Stern should read this article and begin scheduling a few outdoor games during the latter part of the season (March, April) in warm-weather cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas.  In 2009, the Final Four in Detroit drew over 70,00 fans for each game.  If college basketball can draw a large attendance the NBA will have no problem filling an outdoor football or baseball stadium.  As you read this I am sure you are skeptical and asking yourself, what about the possibility of rain? Baseball effectively deals with the dilemna of rain delays and cancellations during a busy 162 game season. With 82 games and frequently several days between games, NBA teams have the ability to reschedule games a lot easier then baseball.  Simply put down a hardwood basketball court over the grass just as the NHL has placed ice rink over fields for there annual Winter Classic. Below are four games that I would happily spend money to attend. I will be wearing shorts, drinking a cold one, and enjoying the entertainment.

Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (USC campus). Average April High Temperature -73. Average amount of rainfall in April – 0.83 inches. With a capacity of 93,607 it would be tough to think the Lakers could sell out the Memorial Coliseum, but the Lakers are the only team that could do it.

Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns -Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona State campus). Average March high temperature 75. Average amount of rainfall in March – 0.5 inches.  Located in nearby Tempe, Sun Devil stadium holds a capacity of 73, 379.  This southwest match up would be intriguing and the weather would not be an issue.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks – The Ballpark in Arlington (Texas Rangers). Average April high temperature – 76. Average amount of rainfall in April – 3.20 inches.  Much of the state of tTexas would be excited to see two quality squads compete on a baseball field that can hold up to 49,170 fans.

Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat at Sun Life Stadium (Miami). Average March high temperature – 79.7.  Average amount of rainfall in March – 2.47 inches. The home of the Miami Dolphins could hold up 75,192 fans for this Florida rivalry.

~ by philip d. on May 20, 2010.

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