A Downside to Recruiting Nationally? (Part II)

Yesterday, I wrote a column in regards to the recent emphasis being placed on pursuing recruits from all over the country.  The modern Oregon program was built upon California athletes, with sprinkles of players from the Northwest, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho.

The article sparked a one sided response from readers that Oregon needs to continue recruiting nationally.  I can’t disagree, I really find the ability of a once disrespected program to attract five star recruits to little Eugene an exciting reality.

With over five hundred votes yesterday, ninety percent of Oregon fans are very pleased to see Chip Kelly and friends attempting to get these players to Eugene.  In follow-up, you can refresh and read the article here.  Below is a list of Oregon players and commits to come from far away destinations during the past decade (2000-2010).

Alabama (2)

Tucker Callahan. Brian Jackson. A member of the 2005 class, Callahan left Eugene and was later spotted on the Alabama team roster in 2007.  A defensive back, Jackson is currently on the roster, and a member of the 2009 class.

Georgia (6)

Brian Truelove, Justin Roper, Wesley Mallard, Braxton Lane, Tyrece Gaines, Garrett Embry.  Both Truelove (Portland State), and Roper (Montana) would soon transfer, and Braxton Lane decided to play baseball before arriving on campus.  Gaines, a Kansas junior college receiver was declared academically ineligible, and Embry left the team in 2010. Mallard, a true fan favorite was a very successful linebacker during his Oregon career.

Florida (5)

Ryan Gilliam, LaGarrette Blount, Darrell Wright, Eric Dungy, Isaac Dixon. After one season in Oregon, Gilliam transfered to South Florida.  Blount transfered to Eugene after a season at a Mississippii junior college, and provided a very productive junior year.  Wright was a steady defensive end for two years, and the jury remains out both Dixon and Dungy.

Indiana (1)

Lavasier Tuinei. A junior college transfer from California and originally from Indiana, Tuinei became a consistent target during the 2009 season.

Illinois (3)

Chris Sima, Kwame Agyeman, Brandon Williams. An undersized linebacker, Agyeman played a marginal role during his time as a Duck. Sima was a rarely used longsnapper, and Williams will begin his Oregon career in 2010.

Kansas (2)

Chris Harper, Zac Clark. Clark recorded thirteen tackles in 2009, and will be looked to play a big role in 2010.  Harper transferred to Kansas State after one season in Eugene.

Louisiana (1)

Blair Phillips. The Mississippi junior college transfer led the Ducks in tackles his senior year, and made a brief push to play in the NFL upon graduation.

Michigan (1)

Dior Mathis. An U.S. Army All-American, Mathis was a highly touted commit of the 2010 recruiting class.

Missouri  (2)

Jairus Byrd, Courtney Miller. The current Buffalo Bill, Byrd could be considered the best of this group, and Miller played sparingly as a defensive back during the middle of the decade.

Nebraska (1)

Daryle Hawkins. Currently a backup quarterback for the Ducks, Hawkins should be fighting for the starting position in two or three years.

North Carolina (2)

Remene Alston Jr, James Scales. Alston is entering his senior year in 2010, and has never been given the opportunity to be an every down tailback.  Scales was signed as part of the 2010 recruiting class.

Oklahoma (1)

Jeremy Gibbs. Currently playing in the CFL, the Oklahoma native was a key member of the defensive line during his time at Oregon.

Pennsylvania (1)

Chris Vincent. A transfer from LSU, Vincent began his Oregon career at running back before transitioning into a steady linebacker.

South Carolina (2)

Maurice Morris, Sam Hughes. Both Morris, and Hughes hailed from Chester, South Carolina.  Hughes played a limited role at cornerback, and Morris is currently playing in the NFL.

Tennessee (1)

Terrence Scott. Born in Georgia, Scott attended high school in Tennessee and played junior college football in California.  Scott caught over fifty receptions during the 2008 season.

Texas (9)

Micah Howeth, Antwaun Harris, LaMichael James, Zach Taylor, Blake Cantu, Josh Huff, Lache Seastrunk, Dontae Williams, Darron Thomas. Clearly James has been the class of these Texas players, with the jury still out on Seastrunk, Cantu,Thomas, Williams, and Huff.

Wisconsin (2)

Sean Cullen, Kurtis Doerr. An offensive tackle, Cullen was a respected reserve, and Doerr handled the punting duties for the Ducks.

~ by philip d. on June 29, 2010.

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