Tony Dungy Is in Eugene: Will He Have an Impact on The Oregon Program?

For the second time in one week, I crossed Tony Dungy exiting a local retail store in north Eugene.  Another friend spotted him purchasing a large amount of furniture in Springfield nearly a month ago.  Rob Mosley, of the Register Guard, has reported on Twitter the presence of Tony at recent summer freshman and team conditioning workouts.

Anybody that follows the Oregon program is aware that Dungy’s son, Eric, signed with Oregon last February and moved to Eugene before summer conditioning with the team. A 6-1′ and 175 pound defensive back, it still remains to be seen just which position Eric will play, and if the 2010 season will be one of the redshirts.

The elder Dungy is very well respected in football circles, and displays a character and lifestyle that certainly doesn’t draw attention to his celebrity football status. With the amount of time he is spending away from Florida, I began to wonder just how much input and feedback Chip Kelly and his staff be gathering from the former Super Bowl champion coach.

The very presence of Dungy on the sidelines, and around the program gives Oregon a boost of much needed respect and dignity after an off-season of negative publicity. The former Indianapolis and Tampa Bay coach was considered instrumental in the personal revelation of LaGarrette Blount following his infamous incident against Boise State in 2009.

Personally, I consider landing Eric as a Duck as potentially larger, in terms of impact, than the commitment of Nick Montana to the Washington Huskies earlier this year.  The very presence of the former coach in Eugene and around the team should promote determination, personal responsibility, and a commitment to understanding the game of football.

Just how much Eugene and the Oregon program will see Eric’s father come fall time is very uncertain.  Tony will be returning to his NBC position as a studio color analyst for the NFL’s Sunday Night Football. He also still calls Tampa, Florida his hometown. Regardless of Dungy’s future role around the program, it is safe to say he will have a very positive impact on the team for the next four to five years.

~ by philip d. on July 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Tony Dungy Is in Eugene: Will He Have an Impact on The Oregon Program?”

  1. I can confirm he has purchased a house here. He lives in my neighborhood and bought a very nice modest home. He has some relatives that are going to live there and he will visit as needed. We have seen him walking with his wife around the neighborhood several times. He is every bit as nice and sincere as he is portrayed!!! Just a every day joe….except the millionaire coaching legend thing =) He will be in town for games and to support his son.

  2. That’s good to hear, I have heard the same things about how true his reputation as a person is. I was going to write about the details of his neighborhood area and the car he drives (Florida license plate), but I didn’t really think it was needed. Thanks for the read and feedback.

  3. […] Tony Dungy Is in Eugene: Will He Have an Impact on The Oregon Program? For the second time in one week, I crossed Tony Dungy exiting a local retail store in north Eugene.  Another friend […] […]

  4. how is he going to affect the Duck program. he has nothing to do with it. he is around to support his son, not coach.

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