Duck Football: Ten Duck Videos to Get You Stoked for the Season

A home game against New Mexico is fast approaching.  The expectations and excitement is in place.  Here are few memorable Oregon football moments from the past to keep you going.

1. Former Duck safety T.J. Ward laying out Zac Robinson of Oklahoma State in 2008 Holiday Bowl.

2. Any Oregon fan will hopefully agree that Ward was fearless in the secondary.  Here he is pounding a Cal receiver in 2008.

3. A little piece from USC-Oregon in 2005.  The Ducks were destroyed but you have to love James Finley laying a block on a defensive lineman while freshman Dennis Dixon is rolling out.

4. Joey Harrington to Marshaun Tucker to help Oregon stay close to Arizona State in 2000.  Epic game that saved the Ducks season.

5. This when the Cougars were good. Onterrio Smith carries the load and sets a then single game record for rushing as the Ducks beat Washington State in Pullman.

6. This punt return by Keenan Howry in the 2001 Civil War was the difference in the game.  Anybody who was there will remember the crane swaying over the south side of Autzen Stadium.

7. One of the most fluent running backs to wear green and yellow in recent memory, Rueben Droughns and the Ducks dominate Michigan State in 1998 at Autzen Stadium.

8. This is going back awhile, I loved the duel threat of Dino Philyaw and Ricky Whittle during the Rose Bowl run of 1994.  This game really set the pace for the Oregon winning streak.  Here is Ricky Whittle taking it to Cal.

9. Here is Dennis Dixon and his infamous fake Statue of Liberty play against Michigan in 2007.  The complete first half of the game was full of highlights.

10.  Always included with any list of Oregon highlights and the best game I have ever attended.  Two words…Kenny Wheaton.

~ by philip d. on July 30, 2010.

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