Where’s The Love?: The Ten Most Unsupported NFL Teams Of 2010

The NFL playoffs are rapidly approaching. Many teams are focused on the near future, while others are already looking toward the 2011 NFL draft.

At this point, every NFL franchise has hosted at least five games this season.

While the NFL attendance figures are impressive in comparison to the NBA and MLB, any major city should be grateful for the presence of the NFL in their area.

In regards to attendance capacity figures, here is a look the ten most unsupported NFL franchises of 2010.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

Average Attendance: 63,037

Percent of Capacity: 93.9%

Since entering the league, the Jaguars have never been real bad or real good.

With the Buccaneers, Dolphins, and several prestigious college programs, it’s a question of how much football the state of Florida can handle.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a constant versatile threat, and David Gerrard has been surprisingly consistent in the NFL. The team leads the Colts by one game in the AFC South at 7-5 on the season.

The team is 3-3 at home and 4-2 on the road, proving that they play better away from their unsupportive fan base.

9. San Diego Chargers

Average Attendance: 64,940

Percent of Capacity: 91.1%

Possibly the best location on the west coast, it seems the city of San Diego has better things to do then attend a Chargers game.

A constant fixture in the NFL playoffs, the team is 6-6 and in grave danger of missing the postseason in 2010. Philip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game, and ownership has consistently provided a very entertaining product.

Maybe a lack of fan support is why Eli Manning chose New York over sunny San Diego.

8. Miami Dolphins

Average Attendance: 68,286

Percent of Capacity: 90.8%

A very average franchise since the departure of Dan Marino, the Dolphins are a woeful 1-5 at home this season.

The team is competitive at 6-6, and features the talents of Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall. Playing in the AFC East, the Dolphins are guaranteed an exciting visit from the Patriots and Jets every year.

Much like San Diego,and Tampa Bay, maybe the warm weather and vibrant social scene is too great to draw big crowds to see the Dolphins.

7. Cleveland Browns

Average Attendance: 65,933

Percent of Capacity: 90.1%

The famous “Dawg Pound” needs a few more recruits to fill the stands.

Sure the Browns aren’t the class of the league, but with Mike Holmgren running the show things are looking to change. The Browns are a respectful 5-7, and 3-3 at home in 2010. The team is young with Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis, and a talented defensive secondary.

With the absence of LeBron James in Cleveland, the city can now boast of poor attendance and support for the Indians, Cavaliers and Browns.

6. Kansas City Chiefs

Average Attendance: 68,121

Percent of Capacity: 88.7%

Maybe it’s just a myth, but I always thought Arrowhead Stadium was regarded as the loudest stadium in the NFL. Kansas City ownership has been very successful in turning bad seasons into stories of improvement, and victory.

This season is no different as the team is a surprising 8-4 and leading the AFC West. Matt Cassel is efficient, Jamaal Charles breaks big runs, and Dwayne Bowe has been terrific.

The team is 6-0 and home this season, and maybe if they win the Super Bowl they can start to fill Arrowhead to capacity.

5. Buffalo Bills

Average Attendance: 64,644

Percent of Capacity: 88.4%

For years, the Buffalo offense has been ugly, the defense has been tough, and winning seasons have been far and few between.

The franchise hasn’t reached the playoffs in over a decade, and it’s hard to believe the team isn’t lower on this list. Bills fans are very loyal considering the weather in upstate New York and the awful product on the field.

If the city can keep the team, ownership will need to acquire new talent and reconnect with the fans.

4. Detroit Lions

Average Attendance: 55,935

Percent of Capacity: 86.7%

You have to side with the fans on this one.

Ford Field is beautiful, the weather is depressing, and for the past decade the team has been uglier then ugly. If Matthew Stafford can stay healthy the team has potential. Along with Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best provide a very entertaining product.

If the Lions can bring Barry Sanders out of retirement look for their attendance figures to skyrocket.

3. St. Louis Rams

Average Attendance: 52,482

Percent of Capacity: 80.3%

The last few seasons the Rams have been downright depressing. At 6-6 and tied for the NFC West lead, this year’s version is possibly the biggest turnaround story of the season.

Sam Bradford is the real deal, Steven Jackson has been running hard for years, and a Super Bowl title was not that far back.

The lack of support early in the season is understandably justified, but the Rams of 2010 aren’t bad entertainment.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Average Attendance: 50,040

Percent of Capacity: 76.2%

Playing in a beautiful stadium, in the sunny state of Florida one would expect more.

The Bucs are a surprising 7-5 on the season, and fighting for their playoff lives. The team is 4-2 at home, and possess a great young nucleus of talent.

At least they receive more fan support then their local Rays.

1. Oakland Raiders

Average Attendance: 45,772

Percent of Capacity: 72.6%

Somehow across the bay, the 49ers are averaging 69,732 in attendance with a 99.3 percentage of capacity.

Sure it is surprising the team is 6-6, but Raider nation has always been regarded as one of the toughest, most rowdy fan bases in the country.

With the electrifying Darren McFadden and a rich history, maybe Raider fans need a few more winning seasons to jump back on the bandwagon.








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