Oregon Ducks Football: University Of Nike Releases New BCS Title Uniforms

Today at a media event at Cowboys Stadium, Nike released bowl game uniforms for four high-profile college programs. Always thinking outside the box, the Portland based company issued Pro Combat uniforms to several teams earlier this year.

Commonly known as the fashion trend setters of college football, the Oregon Ducks will showcase these new bowl uniforms in the BCS National Championship game on January 10th.

Ranked second nationally, the Ducks will wear the white away uniforms. The numbers are outlined in a bright yellow, and players will be wearing gloves with an “O” on the palms of their hands. The newly released bowl uniforms are not a far cry from what the Ducks have wore during the regular season. The traditional wings on the shoulder pads remain, and the team will wear the high-tech chrome helmets seen twice already this season.

In recent years the program has often been criticized for their flashy, outrageous colors, and uniforms. It seems their close connection with Nike has certainly paid off. Oregon players have a voice in the creation of their uniforms, and recruits have been known to enjoy the looks.

One of the largest private donors in the country, Nike owner and founder Phil Knight has been instrumental in providing the means for the program to progress over the past fifteen years. The company works with most of the largest universities in the country, but has often used the Ducks as their “guinea pigs” for unique uniform styles.

Quite similar but also different from an opening season contest against Oregon State, TCU will also be wearing the new bowl uniforms. The Horned Frogs will meet Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in early January. The helmets feature a very wide black stripe down the center, and the pants resemble a mix between stone-wash and a light camouflage.

Playing on smaller national stages this post-season, both Boise State and Florida will also promote the new Nike uniforms. Both the Gators and Broncos bowl looks don’t stray far from their normal styles worn this season. Boise State will sport Bronco blue from head to toe, and the Gators will wear all white with the exception of their standard Orange helmets. Boise State landed in the Las Vegas Bowl, and the Gators will send off Urban Meyer with an appearance in the Outback Bowl.

Here is a direct link to NikeBlog.com to view all related pictures and links to the new bowl uniforms released by the company. The athletic apparel giant will look to promote their brand on the biggest stage in college football when the Ducks meet Auburn. The Tigers are reportedly going to be sporting new Under Armour shoes and possible uniforms for the game as well.

While two undefeated teams battle for a national title, two apparel powerhouse companies will be doing the same.


~ by philip d. on December 14, 2010.

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